What is a SNAP term disqualification

What is a SNAP term disqualification

There are many different types of disqualifications when it comes to SNAP.

Permanent SNAP Disqualification

This is the most severe action the USDA will take. This is used to punish stores that are guilty of trafficking SNAP benefits. When the USDA says permanent, they mean it! Once disqualified, it will last the rest of your life. These types of case usually require professional representation due to the immense complexity of the situation.

3-5 Year SNAP Disqualification

This type of SNAP disqualification is used for violations involving non-eligible items, like alcohol, clothes, etc, that are not related to food at all. This type of disqualification usually results in WIC disqualification as well. Typically the state WIC and SNAP reciprocate disqualification. If you lose one, you lose the other.

6 Month SNAP Disqualification

This is the lightest punishment that a retailer can receive. This is received by SNAP retailers who sold “minor” ineligible items. This can include food related products, that aren’t actually food. For example, cups, plates, baggies, etc. If a retailer is caught, this could result in a 6 month SNAP disqualification.

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