SNAP Retail Food Stamp Trafficking Lawyers

Lawyers for Retail SNAP Trafficking

Collecting SNAPs and being on welfare are not most people’s goal in life. Millions of people end up exercising this option out of desperation. They sometimes make poor judgement calls because all the other options were exhausted. If you are like most of the people who are on the government programs for assistance, then your deepest desire is that your family gets a chance to live and thrive.

The SNAP program was put in place to provide assistance to families like yours. The government developed the SNAP program mainly to serve as a buffer against malnutrition and starvation. Mainly, the philosophy behind the SNAP benefit is that the underemployed, unemployed, and the less fortunate people would make honest use of the funds to supply their families with groceries to fill a gap for a time until a new revolution speaks in their lives.

That said, it is unrealistic to expect life to turn in such a manner. For the majority of people, it is nearly impossible to land the high-wage, stable work that would allow them to turn their lives around and improve their living standard. Unexpected circumstances invariably conspire to set progress back, like a sick child or personal illness, a cut back of the amount of hours on your work schedule, a random reduction or elimination of other income streams you may have had – numerous other events outside of your control may prevent you from making all your ends meet. 

Often, when such things happen in your life, so much uncertainty and confusion arises in  a person’s mind and heart. In such cases, you search for ways to increase your incomeand make your life comfortable. Thinking that it is your only option, you may engage in acts that are against the United States Law.

There are Numerous Types of SNAP Fraud

These days, work shifts in many jobs have decreased in hours significantly from one week to the next. For most people, they believe it is best to underreport the number of hours they work because working more hours can lead to a reduction in what they receive in benefits. On some occasions, you may receive help from your family and friends in the form of cash. Some extra income can also come from extra part time jobs that they worked while they were also maintaining their main jobs. At times, the money that comes from the side job is often greater than the regular jobs. You will have violated the law if you fail to report some of this income.

One of the next severe ways to commit SNAP fraud in the United States is to misreport the number of occupants in your home. Often, recipients get additional benefits because they indicate a higher amount of people who stay in their households. The rule for reporting this accurately is to include only those who sleep, eat, and live in your household as their main, consistent residence. You are also required to report when someone moved out of your home. You can also be suspended for the SNAP benefits if you neglect to tell the government that a resident moved out of your house for some time. In some rare situations, people can be asked to reimburse the extra money they received in SNAP benefits back to the government.

Trafficking is another type of SNAP fraud frequently committed by program participants. This can involve the exchanging of SNAP benefits for items of value or cash. For example, when a utility bill may come due and a person is not able to pay it, that person may resort to this type of activity. For some, they also figure out unique ways to use the SNAP whenever they don’t have money to pay the rent. You could think that you need to make such transactions to keep your family alive, but don’t overthink that to the extent of committing the crime of trafficking. SNAP benefit trafficking is a criminal act, and if you get arrested for trafficking SNAP funds, you can be prosecuted by the government.

Grocers have also been caught trafficking SNAP funds. You may also be acquainted with a small grocery retailer over the road who is willing to accept payment for unauthorized items with your EBT card instead of money. Cigarettes and alcohol are some of the most common illegal items that are sold to SNAP recipients and paid for with their EBT cards. If authorities spot you doing this, then you will be subject to prosecution.

From the time you are charged with SNAP fraud, you are advised to quickly secure legal counsel to help you with your case. You need to determine your status if you have broken laws. Keep in mind that being charged with a crime and committing a crime are two different things, as much as they resemble each other. While the authorities may have some evidence that points to suspicious activities, you have the right to seek defense for such allegations in the United States.

It can be tempting to take desperate measures to keep your family fed when even the hard work you put in still doesn’t provide you enough to provide for them. Nonetheless, you have rights as a citizen of the United States. For this reason, the burden of proof is on the authorities to demonstrate that you are indeed guilty. They may put pressure on you to confess the crime. They are also well aware that you don’t have enough resources to fight your case against the state. Don’t allow them to intimidate you. You do have a fighting chance to clear your name, all the better if you retain a great SNAP lawyer.

You should retain the services of an attorney even if you are guilty of the charges. An attorney with experience in SNAP cases could be your only hope of mounting a credible and solid defense. Such attorneys have a great deal of insight into the legislation concerning welfare benefits. Therefore, they will be capable of handling your case. You will be treated with the dignity and humanity you deserve. We will do our best to ensure your family does not suffer.