Is medical marijuana legal?

Is medical marijuana legal?
The recent push in Washington State for legalized medical marijuana is just the beginning. California already has legalized medical marijuana, and Colorado is expected to legalize it as well. So.. Read More

USDA SNAP EBT Patterns Trafficking Lawyers

Facing Fraud Charges? Why You Need USDA SNAP EBT Patterns Trafficking Lawyers
As the nation's economy has endured ups and downs over the years, more people have found themselves relying on EBT benefits from the federal gov.. Read More

SNAP Violation Charge Letters Defense Lawyers

Why You Need SNAP Violation Charge Letters Defense Lawyers In the course of running your grocery store, convenience store, or other business that sells food, you may deal with customers who use EBT benefits, formerly known as food stamps, to purchase their food. Unfortunately, if you make errors.. Read More

SNAP Permanent Disqualification Reversal Lawyers

Everyone needs to eat. One of the many roles of the federal government is making sure that all Americans have access to the calories they need to survive each day. There are many ways that federal, state and local officials choose to address the problem of hunger in the United States. One of the .. Read More

What is a SNAP term disqualification

There are many different types of disqualifications when it comes to SNAP. Permanent SNAP Disqualification This is the most severe action the USDA will take. This is used to punish stores that are guilty of trafficking SNAP benefits. When the USDA says permanent, they mean .. Read More